Media Team

Mark & Dianne Joop

Mark, your tour guide, is a geologist, who has lived in Carlsbad and studied the local geology since 2010. He spent 20 years in the environmental consulting field prior to moving to Carlsbad. Mark is currently a professional interpreter, and has taught introductory geology at New Mexico State University, Carlsbad, as well as the local geology to the docents at Living Desert State Park and Zoo. Mark has also been an avid caver since 1999, and applied his two interests to studying cave development.

Dianne is the photographer and videographer for iCaverns production. She is a professional educator, and has nearly a decade of experience in theatrical and television production, with a B.A. in theater and a M.S. in science and history education. Dianne is currently the Education Director for the National Cave and Karst Research Institute in Carlsbad. She has been a caver since 2001, and applied her two interests to educating the public on the beauty and value of caves and karst.

Mark and Dianne got married in 2011. As a team, they have specialized in cave photography and videography, and formed Joop Studio.